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  1. Who is the founder of the BubbleDeck system? Professor Jorgen Breuning.

  2. How long has BubbleDeck system been in the market? Close to 20 years.

  3. Where was BubbleDeck system originally from? Denmark.

  4. Where is BubbleDeck International principal office location? Rösevangen 8, DK 3520 Farum.

  5. Which countries has BubbleDeck system landed?  More than 40 countries around the world, for more info, please logon to

  6. Which country has the most BubbleDeck projects up to to-date? The Netherlands and Australia.

  7. Where is the tallest BubbleDeck project? How tall? Italy. 209-meter height.

  8. How to contact BubbleDeck International? Email:; Web:

  9. What does BubbleDeck International do?

  • Combining international activities

  • Supervising the technical support/education

  • General quality supervision

  • Carrying out specialised tasks/projects

  • Developing new techniques

  • Developing new markets

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  2. When was Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd founded in Malaysia? 2011.

  3. What country does BubbleDeck Construction Sdn Bhd cover? Malaysia and Singapore.

  4. Where is Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd’s Head Quarter located? Kuala Lumpur.

  5. Where is Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd’s factory located? Rasa, Hulu Selangor, Selangor. 

  6. Where is Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd's first project in Malaysia? WP Hotel, a 13-storeis boutique hotel located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. 

  7. How to contact Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd? Email :; Tel no.: +603-9281 2387.

  8. How to apply for job at Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd? Send full resume with the position intended to apply to:

FAQ: About


  1. What is BubbleDeck? BubbleDeck System is a revolutionary construction method by eliminating concrete from the neutral axis of a floor slab that is structurally not performing, as a result dramatically reducing in Dead Weight. The BubbleDeck System is based upon patented integration technique - the direct way of linking air and steel. Void formers inside the flat slab eliminate at least 30% of a slab’s dead weight. Incorporation of recycled plastic bubbles as void formers allows wider space between columns. Combination of this with a flat slab construction approach spanning in two directions - the slab is connected directly to in-situ concrete columns without any beams - produces a wide range of cost and construction benefits. For more information, please logon to

  2. How does BubbleDeck work? The BubbleDeck system is based upon the patented integration technique - the direct way of linking air and steel. By adapting the geometry of the ball and the mesh, optimised concrete construction is obtained, with the simultaneous maximum utility of both moment and shear zones. The construction literally creates itself as a result of the geometry of two well-known components: Reinforcement and hollow plastic balls. When the top and bottom reinforcement are linked in the usual way, a geometrical and statical stable BubbleDeck unit evolves. The reinforcement catches, distributes and locks the balls in an exact position, while the balls shape the air volume, control the level of the reinforcement, and at the same time stabilise the spatial lattice. When the steel lattice unit is concrete, a “monolithic” biaxial hollow slab is obtained. 

  3. What are the major materials for the BubbleDeck system? Concrete, Wire Mesh, Steel Bar, Plastic Bar, Lattice Girders.

  4. What are the Advantages of the BubbleDeck system? please refer to ADVANTAGES.

  5. Is there any warranty on the BubbleDeck system? Yes.  

  6. What does BubbleDeck Warranty cover? Product Warranty and Design Warranty.

  7. Is BubbleDeck fireproof/resistant? Yes, it’s tested and certified by SIRIM. For more information, please refer to CERTIFICATIONS.

  8. Is BubbleDeck soundproof/resistant? Yes.

  9. Is BubbleDeck earthquake-proof / resistant? Yes, the seismic design can be incorporated upon request.

  10. Is BubbleDeck waterproof/resistant? Yes, it behaves the same as a conventional concrete structure.

  11. Is BubbleDeck a structural element? Yes.

  12. Is BubbleDeck required with Professional Engineer’s endorsement? Yes.

  13. Is BubbleDeck slab system endorsed by Professional Engineer? Yes.

  14. How many types of BubbleDeck slab system? 5 types. For more information, please refer to TECHNOLOGY.

  15. What is the thickness of the BubbleDeck slab system? Range from 245mm to 450mm.

  16. Can the BubbleDeck slab float in the water? No, the BubbleDeck is not meant for floating in the water.

  17.  Is the BubbleDeck as strong as the conventional system? Yes, the strength is equivalent or higher compared to the conventional system.

  18. Does other structural elements i.e. column and beam also has Bubbles inside? No

  19. What is the function of the Bubble? The function of the Bubble is to replace the concrete that does not perform any structural function.

  20. What is the material used for the Bubbles? The Bubbles are made of recycled plastic.

  21. Does the Bubbles colour mean anything? No.

  22. Are the Bubbles manufactured locally? Yes.

  23. What structural impact would that be if the Bubble is damaged before construction? Usually, it doesn’t contribute any structural impact; it depends on the number of damaged Bubbles.

  24. Can the Bubbles be sold separately? Yes, but it depends on the final purpose of using the Bubbles. 

  25. Is the BubbleDeck slab system suitable for landed housing? Yes.

  26. Can tower crane be tied back to the BubbleDeck slab? Yes.

  27. Is BubbleDeck slab system IBS certified? Yes.

  28. Does BubbleDeck slab system contribute to IBS score? Yes.

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  1. What is the Code of Practice for BubbleDeck slab system? EN13747

  2.  What is the steel mesh standard for the BubbleDeck system in Malaysia? MS146

  3. What is the steel bars standard for the BubbleDeck system in Malaysia? MS145

  4. What is the weight of 1 piece of BubbleDeck slab? Approximately 2 ton to 4 ton, depending on the design.

  5. Can the BubbleDeck slab system be designed for transfer floor? No.

  6. Can there be any construction joints in BubbleDeck slab system? Yes.

  7. Is BubbleDeck slab system allowed for seismic design? The BubbleDeck slab system can be designed according to the requirement by the client.

  8. Can an opening be allowed at BubbleDeck slab system after construction? Yes, confirmation must be obtained from BubbleDeck Construction Sdn Bhd.

  9. Can drops be allowed at BubbleDeck slab system? Yes. 

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  1. How to transport BubbleDeck slab to the site? By trailer.

  2. How to load and unload BubbleDeck slab? By tower crane or mobile crane.

  3. What is the floor cycle for an area of 800m² of BubbleDeck slab system? 6 days cycle per floor, with a team of 6 workers.

  4. How many days can the scaffolding allow to be dismantled for BubbleDeck slab system? Upon the concrete achieved the characteristic design strength.

  5. Is the launching and installation work for BubbleDeck slab system to be carried out by Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd? Upon the client’s request and as per the agreed terms of sales.

  6. Is site supervision provided by Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd? Upon the client’s request and as per the agreed terms of sales.

  7. Is the concrete topping work to be covered by Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd after the BubbleDeck slab system has been installed at the site? No, under normal circumstances, it should be done by the others.

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  1. Is the production/manufacturing process of the BubbleDeck slab certified with any QMS? Yes, it is certified with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.

  2. How does Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd ensure the concrete is up to the required standard? Internal – Cube Test on 7 days, 14 days, 28 days. External – Cube Test by 3rd party laboratory service provider.

  3. How does Bubble Deck Construction Sdn Bhd ensure the steel component is up to the required standard? 3rd party testing is carried out on every batch of steel received.

  4. What is the standard lead time required for the first delivery? 6 to 8 weeks from the date of receipt of Letter of Award and the down payment.

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