Building on Sturdy Foundations

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It’s essential for all building industry players including architects, engineers, developers and contractors, to understand the best way forward is to be receptive to new ideas and explore their possibilities. 

The BUBBLEDECK is a cost-effective biaxial suspended IBS floor slab system. BUBBLEDECK numerous benefits listed herewith should be carefully considered when an idea of building a project emerges.  



Save up to 50% on-site labour while adopting the BUBBLEDECK system. Less skilled labour is needed i.e. supervisors, bar benders, carpenters, and less general labour compared to the conventional beam & slab, and post-tensioning slab system.

Less labour will:

  • result in higher productivity when calculating cost per man-hour.

  • help to ease the tension of supervising workers at the site.

  • save in labour accommodation and related amenities i.e. power generator, canteens and toilets.

  • save in workers levy.

  • help reduce social issues.


Speed is one of BUBBLEDECK’s most vital points. BUBBLEDECK is fully prefabricated in the factory with all the shear links and reinforcement preinstalled. It is completely none weather-dependent, formwork-negligible, and it requires 40% less scaffolding to be put up at the site. It is up to TWICE as fast as the conventional beam and slab system.

The speed is essential when the site is located in the city centre or a high population area. The traffic restriction time and complaints from nearby residents can slow down a project.

The BUBBLEDECK can expedite the non-profitable floors like car parks for high-rise condominiums and apartments. That would help the developer to start claiming from their buyers when the construction begins at the residential units.


Adopting the BUBBLEDECK system will help:

  • the contractor to reduce on-site workers significantly, thus reducing labour costs.

  • the contractor minimises the cost of transferring material & waste materials.

  • the contractor saves a large amount of money on the rectification work on site as the BUBBLEDECK slab already done QC check before arriving at the site.

  • the M&E contractor to incorporate the service ducts and pipes easily under the slab soffit.   

  • the developer who utilises IBS components exceeding 70% in their project to obtain an exemption of the Construction Levy.

As a result of the high construction speed, adopting the BUBBLEDECK system will also help complete the project faster, and that will lead to:

  • Less interest is to be paid to the banks or financial institutions.

  • Less wages and salaries are to be paid to the workers and employees.

  • Less exposure to the fluctuation of the cost of building materials.

  • Less chances of being imposed by LAD.

  • Faster sales or leases of the properties will generate more profits for the developer, and more projects will be developed. Consequently, more projects for the constructors and sub-contractors.  


Quality is Priceless. The BUBBLEDECK system is a high-quality IBS precast concrete component. It’s prefabricated:

  • under a full controlled factory environment, unaffected by any weather conditions.

  • with the right material selection and high mechanised technology, and completed with a series of quality checks before it’s released to the site.

  • by a group of skilled workers with a specific scope of work to ensure efficiencies and reduce errors.

  • by high-quality steel moulds that provide consistent flat soffit finishes.

  • in compliance with QLASSIC requirements and ISO 9001:2015 QMS.  


The rental of the cranes can cost significantly for a project.

With the BUBBLEDECK system, the project:

  • can achieve up to 1,000m² floor area easily in a day; it helps shorten the construction time.

  • requires less plywood, steel bars, and concrete; therefore, less lifting is needed.

As a result of the above, the BUBBLEDECK system helps shorten the crane rental period and save money in the crane rental.


The BUBBLEDECK system:

  • requires 40% less scaffolding compared to the conventional slab system. As a result of this reduction, the rental can also be reduced enormously.

  • provides beamless flat soffit that could boost the erection time to as fast as twice the conventional slab system.  


The BUBBLEDECK biaxial hollow IBS precast slab system allows walls to be shifted easily without additional supporting beams. Its design flexibility feature allows each floor to be designed differently from other floors. 

The BUBBLEDECK slab allows freedom of design with non-rectilinear plan forms. It can be designed in any shape, from curve to round to wavy.

As no beam support is required, it allows a longer span between supports. When it is designed as a cantilever, it can be 10 times its own thickness without any beam support.

The floor can also be cored and voided. As there are no prestressed wire tendons in its construction, coring and openings are allowed in a BUBBLEDECK floor. However, should there be a need for any openings, the BUBBLEDECK design team must be consulted before taking further action.


The BUBBLEDECK system enables reduced foundation size since the structural deadweight is reduced by 50%. Thus if the original building design permits, BUBBLEDECK can help reduce the number of piles required.


The BUBBLEDECK slab is prefabricated in the factory. It helps reduce the possibility of pilferage of steel bars, plywood and scrap metals from the construction site.


The prefabricated BUBBLEDECK slabs do not require storage. It helps reduce the need for big storage space for other building materials like plywood, steel bars, scaffoldings, etc. This is particularly important for the site with space constraint issues.


Less construction debris and steel waste are to be cleared from the site as 90% of formwork is eliminated. This could help in reducing the cost of debris clearing and transportation.


The BUBBLEDECK system is an excellent solution to reduce noise for construction sites nearby high-density populated areas as it rarely requires carpentry work.


The BUBBLEDECK system has better acoustic resistance quality compared to the conventional slab system.


Adopting the BUBBLEDECK system will help reduce the need for crane lifting and transportation (building materials and site debris). That would help provide a safer site environment for everyone on the site. So, that would also help reduce worksite accidents.


The BUBBLEDECK system is recognized by CIDB as an approved IBS (Industrialized Building System). It can score up to a maximum of 50 points in the Structural System category depending on the number of floors and columns design in the overall building design.

The BUBBLEDECK system has also been certified by CIDB via the IMPACT assessment.


The BUBBLEDECK system is eco-friendly. In the Green Building Index (GBI), the BUBBLEDECK system scores a maximum of five (5) points.


Compared to the conventional slab system, it:

  • saves up to 30% less concrete.

  • saves up to 20% less steel.

  • saves up to 90% less plywood.

  • requires very much lesser transportation for the building materials to be sent to the site and for the construction debris to be removed from the site. This will cause a tremendous reduction in carbon, up to 40kg of CO²/m².

  • uses 100% recycled plastic materials as the void.